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A Female Rapper With The Hottest And Maybe The Biggest Booty Ever

Ever since we saw her for the first time, we knew she will be someone that people would adore. Not long afterward exactly that happened. How time passed by, and more people knew her, her popularity was raised dramatically, and we believe that her large booty was the reason for it. She really has some great songs but they wouldn’t be popular that much if she hadn’t made videos for them. You must have watched her videos, and they are the reason you are now searching for Nicki naked photos. It doesn’t matter if you watched them or not, you are all in the right place to see only real Nicki Minaj naked pics. Is she hot or what?


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Do you think Nicki Minaj ass is better then Kim Kardashian?

This question became like a saga, people are arguing about this question whenever one of this two hot women are mentioned. You can hear it and see it everywhere you go, on Television, the internet hears it on radio. People are becoming obsessed with this matter, and you got to admit that, it is a great thing to argue about. We are here because of Nicki Minaj naked booty, but it also looks amazing with clothes on. We would like to hear your opinion because it is about time to say out loud. Who is your favorite? Just, first of all, look once again at all those Nicki Minaj naked photos and then make a decision. Try to be objective because we couldn’t be with all these photos here…