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Mariah Carey was born in Long Island, New York. If you watched “Sex and the City” then you know how hot chick come form the Big Apple. We are saying it again and we will say it a million times if we need Mariah Carey is the one of the greatest singers in the world but we know why are you here. To look into greatest singers naked body, in her naked, huge boobs and her sweet, naked pussy caught on the camera somewhere on the beach for example. Caught by the sneaky paparazzi hidden in the bushes. All we can tell you before you see this┬áMariah Carey naked photo gallery that she doesn’t like to wear a bra, at all, even in public. So what you are about to see are very big, naked boobies on leaked images, on the street, everywhere were paparazzi were, naked boobs of your favorite singer!

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She was changing her figure so many times. She was thin and she gain a couple of pounds many times, but even then when she was bigger she was absolutely hot. She knew how to wear it and she had that eroticism in her wherever she showed up! With so amazing butt and such a bit boobs you can not stay unnoticed. Her big and nice booty brought her fame at the very first start. Now she is a great, good looking singer who likes to be caught here and there by paparazzi in some slutty or erotic edition. But who doesn’t!!! Have a great day.