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She was born back in 1975, exactly 41 years ago, she was an actress, author, director, model and producer. In the 80s she was very popular and famous and she has not been able to cope with all the challenges that await Hollywood personalities. She did not have enough experience to cope with the burden of fame and popularity, so she began to consume alcohol and drugs but after two stays in rehab, she managed to return to acting. Besides all that, she is still a sex symbol. Now happily married and has two children. Considered one of the favorite actresses of Hollywood and by the all men in the world.This is the reason why we made the largest photo gallery where is Drew Barrymore naked.

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You have to admit that when she was younger,  she looked perfect, she was a real sex bomb. But now that she is 41, does she still doesn’t look bad at all,  is still very attractive to men. Her beautiful face and her body are looking too good considering she has two children, and she was able to regain lost weight, and her body was again tight and sexy. These are all real pictures of her naked, there are not many pictures where Drew Barrymore is naked but I’m sure this is enough and that you will enjoy while you are watching this photo gallery.