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This is yet another story about, a sweet little girl, that can not cope with the success… She was born on July the second of the year 1986. She has lived so much for her thirty years of age.  You probably know but if you don’t she is yet another Disney girl that have gone bad. Her first movie appearance was in a movie “The Parent Trap”, but her public career started at the age of 3 when she was a child fashion model. After that she had couple of more roles that made her a real teen idol. It definitely she couldn’t handle with all the popularity and pressure she was under. Therefore she became to incesively use drugs, alcohol and that got her on the edge of doom. She had couple rehabs, but was always coming back to her vice. Those bed things will be forgoten when you see Lindsay Lohan naked pics…

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This girl have done it all, and she is not planning to stop. As she is getting older, it seems that she is entering some calmer water, but please do expect to see a lot more explicit movie scenes from her because there are just few of them at this moment. It wouldn’t fair if we don’t mention Lindsay Lohan naked body, the beauty of it is in it naturall look, even though she have a done a boob job. Her tits are also one of the reasons you all like to see her photos. More than everything, charisma of this hot celeb is amazing.