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He was born in Pennsylvania and has only 32 years and is very popular! You know him from the series “Looking” and “Glee”  and on that show, he is one of the most famous actors who admitted he was gay! He is very often on television, and the media have led to an affair with many famous men! When he was 20 years old he beat cancer, and in 2009 he publicly acknowledged he is gay. He is very hot and it was not a problem for him to strip naked for the needs of a series or a movie, this image you will you be able to see right here! He has won many awards as an actor but also as a musician. Very talented but also very sexy and provocative. So enjoy these pictures where the Jonathan Groff is naked!

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As you can see there are many scenes from the TV series and films in which he is naked, and that he has no problems to have love scenes with a man. He is very professional, and we are confident that he deserved all the awards he received! He is one of my favorite actors, perhaps not so much for his looks as much for his behavior. There are still no dirty pictures from his phone, but we hope that in future we will reach them and that we will be able to enjoy some of his most provocative images. Until then, enjoy again in these 20 files on which the Jonathan Groff is naked. Nice to see such a sexy man with no shirt or completely naked!